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Body Contouring & Weight Loss

CoolRestore Cryo Slimming

Extremely low temperatures are used to stimulate fatty cells apoptosis. Experience a tighter skin, reduction in cellulite and a measurable inch loss difference!

60 minutes…..$300

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Aloe & Herb Inch-Loss Body Wrap

This wrap will give you immediate measurable results and visibly change cellulite tissue, even on the most exercise and diet resistant areas of the body.

90 min…..$160

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Red Light Therapy

We use red and near-infrared light waves to speed the body’s natural recovery process 4-10 times faster and increases energy and mitochondrial wellness throughout.

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Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatments

A non-invasive technique that uses ultrasonic waves to efficiently target areas prone to stubborn fat. The treatment breaks down fat cells, which are then removed through the body’s natural filtration system.

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