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Thai Pedicure Ritual

Take the time to enjoy one of our longer spa experiences in the Serengeti Room. Our Thai Pedicure Ritual includes everything you are used to receiving in our spa pedicure. We add to this experience fragrant lemongrass, ginger and coconut milk to take you to the exotic gardens of Thailand. Traditional steamed Herb Poultices are used in a long 30 minute massage for penetrating moist heat, good for arthritis and other foot and joint maladies. The poultices can be compressed and formed to your body, allowing your specialist to “hug” the joints with this moist heat. Say goodbye to pain! Warm bamboo pieces are used to relieve pressure in the arches and bottoms of the feet, highly effective for plantar fasciitis. Excellent for all who enjoy a thorough foot massage!

85 minutes….. $100